Lone Star TE
Welcome to Lone Star TE!

In Texas we take on Big Problems and find Bold Solutions. Embracing that Texas tradition, LoneStarTE takes on the biggest problems facing most Internet Marketers and provides you with bold but affordable solutions.

PROBLEM... Finding Responsive Traffic

It is not easy finding responsive traffic. You can spend a small fortune on Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and go broke before you make your first sale. That is why Branding is so important. You see it all the time, the big companies are constantly branding themselves and their products and services so that interested buyers recognize them immediately.


We are destined to be a major player in the TE world, and we are already on the cutting edge of the Traffic Exchange (TE) industry. It has been proven Traffic Exchanges are the cheapest, most cost-effective form of advertising for branding yourself, your products, and services available, and with the greatest responsive rate in our target audience.

PROBLEM... Getting My Advertising Seen

It is actually much more involved than just posting an ad or your website. Most people on the internet are blind to ads unless they are looking for something specific. Even then, they tend to ignore ads from unknown entities that suddenly appear on their screen.


We are a Membership site where our members have given their permission to see ads of interest and actively look for offers of products and services that will benefit them. Encourage our members to click on your ads, by using interesting and informative Splash Pages, Banners, Text Ads, and Start Pages. Don't overlook our Login Ads that every active member sees when they login to the membership area. We offer all the above PLUS lots more additional options inside.

PROBLEM... Getting The Results You Need

It takes consistent, repetitive views of your ads and offers to become recognized. People do business with the people and companies they feel they know something about, especially in the online world. You need to keep your offers in rotation and be seen by like-minded viewers with a real interest in your offers to get results.


Targeting Real Members giving you Real views of your offers by real, interested people while building a relationship so that those inclined to respond are familiar and comfortable with you and your company. This leads to real intentional ad clicks and real results.